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My name is Effie Iliopoulos a mother, wife, grandmother, and mostly an artist.

I have been an artist as long as I can remember, from a very young age I would look for paper and pencil to draw.  Over the years besides pencil drawings, I have been in some form of art, sewing, cross stitch, tapestries, porcelain doll making ( I am a grandmaster, triple crown and master educator of doll making).

I took up acrylic painting Mandalas in 2012 which I love, I then move onto acrylic painting and in 2020 I started teaching acrylics at Artisan of Australia.  My main interest is people, I love to draw and paint faces.


Lately I have been challenging myself to see what else I am capable of painting. I have surprised myself and am now of the thought that “I Can” do that. Exploring subjects that never interested me before…. but that is progress I suppose.  With everything you do you need to explore all sides to it, that’s how you grow.  


Art takes me to a special place, I get lost in my art work.

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