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My name is Effie Iliopoulos a mother, wife, grandmother, and mostly an artist.

I have been an artist as long as I can remember, from a very young age I would look for paper and pencil to draw.  Over the years besides pencil drawings, I have been in some form of art, sewing, cross stitch, tapestries, porcelain doll making ( I am a grandmaster, triple crown and master educator of doll making).

I took up acrylic painting in the last 7 years doing Mandalas which I love.  My main interest is people, I love to draw and paint faces.


Lately I have been challenging myself to see what else I am capable of painting. I have surprised myself and am now of the thought that “I Can” do that. Exploring subjects that never interested me before…. but that is progress I suppose.  With everything you do you need to explore all sides to it, that’s how you grow.  


Art takes me to a special place, I get lost in my art work.

Effie Iliopulos, Greeting card, Oriental Beauty by Effie Iliopoulos
Effie Iliopoulos, Greeting Card,General Store Greeting Card

Greeting Cards

Latest work




Acrylics on Canvas

Effie Iliopoulos, Acrylics on Canvas, Elf Princess

Elf Princess

Acrylics on Canvas


Art classes are available for beginners and advanced.


Phone: 0403 353 114


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